How to plan photography exhibitions

Photography Exhibitions   Photography exhibitions are the best way to showcase your work and attract interest. Most of the photo sharing is on social media these days but social media images are generally tiny, usually 1200-1500 pixel and re-sampled so they lack the clarity of the actual photo. Apart from that, everyone sees it on […]

What we need to see from Olympus in 2021-2022 in India

My thoughts on Olympus   I joined the Olympus bandwagon in 2020 beginning just before the Covid Pandemic. Earlier, I had been a canon user and my kit included 7d, 1dm4, 100mm IS macro, 18-200, 10-20, 100-400, 800/5.6 and I have also rented the 1dxm2, 200-400 f4 on numerous occasions. Point is I have used […]

Dhole: Wild Dogs of the Indian Jungles

Dhole   This blog is about Dhole or “wild dogs” as they are more commonly called. The request to write about Dhole came from Adi, a sweet 5 year child. This is unusual and gratifying. Gratifying because its awesome to see young ones interested in wildlife. Unusual because he referred to them as dhole whereas […]

Colors In Nature

We all know that there are many colors in nature but until now, we probably haven’t stopped to think of the reason behind a particular color, whether it has a purpose. But there are many colors in nature which have a purpose.

Creative Nature Photography

Creative nature photography is you interpretation of the beauties of nature. It is subjective and there are no rules. This is how i do it