Enchanting Africa @ Jehangir October 2017

There was a long hiatus after our last “Glimpses of Nature” exhibition in 2013 in Thane. All of us were busy with work and couldn’t devote the time anymore for more exhibitions. Each exhibition took on average about 2 months to plan, prepare and execute. We went through multiple prints, trial prints, corrections, gathering of […]

Glimpses@Kolhapur October 2011

The second last exhibition underr the “Glimpses of Nature” banner was held in october 2011 in Kolhapur. The last happened back in thane in 2013 where we had a whole floor dedicated to books, eco-tourism companies, SPCA etc. But Back to Kolhapur….. The residents of Kolhapur are very passionate about photography and art and have […]

Glimpses@Bhave School

After our Pune exhibition, we were approached by Bhave school asking us if we can put up the exhibition just for their students. We were very glad to do so, all free of cost of course. We also had Q&A sessions with the students later which were handled by Kishor Gumaste and his wife, Kalyani […]

Glimpses@Pune March 2011

The Pune edition of glimpses of nature was held at BalGandharva on JM road. It was inaugurated by Shri Mujumdar of Symbiosis. Hats off to the man. The exhibition timings were 9-6 and he came by himself on the first day at exactly 9 am…. Very amazing   I think punekars have a real passion […]

Glimpses@Dadar September 2010

The Glimpses of Nature @ Dadar was in the Ravindra Natya mandir. It was Inaugurated by Shri Subhash Dandekar, Camlin Group. We were fortunate that Shri Adik Shirodkar, MP, and a fantastic nature photographer himself; graced us with his visit.   Sachin Rai, Animesh Mandrekar and Shrikant Ranade were the co-exhibitors in this exhibition.   […]

Glimpses@Dombivali February 2010

The Glimpses@Dombivali exhibition was held at the Babasaheb Ambedkar Sabhagruh, near the station. We had realised that there were many fantastic photographers who were doing great work but either didn’t have the resources or the body of work, to hold their own exhibitors. SO from this exhibition onwards, we decided to invite 2-3 photographers and […]

About Glimpses of Nature Exhibitions

Glimpses of Nature exhibitions were initiated in 2009 by a collaboration between Kishor Gumaste, Swapneel Kore and Girish Vaze. Our philosophy is stated below. All “Glimpses’ exhibitions, always had photos by the 3 of us and many times, we used to invite other photographers to participate.   Glimpses of Nature.     India is home […]

Glimpses@Thane 2009

I and my close friends, brothers in arms, partners in crime etc, Swapneel Kore and Kishore Gumaste had been doing nature photography since around 2006. In 2009, we thought its necessary that the general Indian public be made aware of their rich natural heritage and we thought of holding a photography exhibition. Our concept of […]