Olympus BIF settings

Olympus settings for BIF.   There has been intense discussion on the right setting for BIF wrt Olympus system. I think this depends partly on the shooting style as well as subject. Looking at the test results, I think actually 2 customs modes need to be dedicate for BIF. The AF system performs differently in […]

Olympus AF settings for static objects

Of late, there had been some discussion on the best settings for autofocus with the Olympus system. There are a number of settings that can be varied, and they may have an effect of the AF accuracy and consistency. When I had gone on a tour to North-East India, I was mainly shooting static birds. […]

Birding with the olympus 150-400 in Lava Valley

Birding with the Olympus 150-400 and Em1X   Wheres the Bird!!!   This is what my eldest asked me as I was going through my images taken at the Lava Valley. In March 2021, I had gone on a birding trip to Lava Valley, Latpanchar and Mahanada Sanctuary in West Bengal, India. The object was […]

Why I went Micro 4/3 system

Why I invested in Olympus mu43 (micro 4/3) system.   I have been a canon user right from the start. When I started photography in 2007 or so, my main interest was wildlife photography. At that time, the most common lens for wildlifers was the canon 100-400 of which there was no equivalent. I think […]

Noise reduction review, dxo prime, topaz denoise, neat image, define2 etc

Noise reduction trials.   When I went for the m43 system from canon aps-c and full frame, a big point of worry was the noise profile and the ability to handle the noise. Being a smaller and older sensor, I was expecting it to have a poor noise profile. However, I am pleasantly surprised that […]

Thoughts on tiger photography

A tiger is without doubt the most sought after photographic wildlife subject in India. However, photographing them well is not always straightforward. Here are a few things to keep in mind