Glimpses@Thane 2009

I and my close friends, brothers in arms, partners in crime etc, Swapneel Kore and Kishore Gumaste had been doing nature photography since around 2006. In 2009, we thought its necessary that the general Indian public be made aware of their rich natural heritage and we thought of holding a photography exhibition. Our concept of an exhibition was always educational and we paid great attention to print quality, size and lighting.

The Exhibition was inaugurate by Shri Nitin Desai, the famous director and set designer.


Our concept for the exhibition was always to pay attention to the display of the photos so we printed on large size (upto 30×20 inches) and mounted the photos on stands with proper gallery type lighting


Since the aim of the exhibition was significantly educational, we also had printed sheets as a handout so visitors could read about each photo, the species, where it was taken, characteristics of that bird or animal etc.


We were very fortunate to receive the blessings and good wishes of Padma Bhushan Sri N Rajam


and famous personality Vasanti vartak


This exhibition clearly showed us that such exhibitions were the need of the hour and we resolved to do more.

Glimpses@Thane 2009

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