Glimpses@Dadar September 2010

The Glimpses of Nature @ Dadar was in the Ravindra Natya mandir. It was Inaugurated by Shri Subhash Dandekar, Camlin Group. We were fortunate that Shri Adik Shirodkar, MP, and a fantastic nature photographer himself; graced us with his visit.


Sachin Rai, Animesh Mandrekar and Shrikant Ranade were the co-exhibitors in this exhibition.


In a bid to promote wildlife, we had given free space to Oxford Publishing House and they had put up their nature related books here for sale.


Another strange thing which happened was a TV reporter had visited, and she liked the images etc so much, that she filmed her entire sequence posing in front of various photos. That was surreal. face blurred to protect identity


In this exhibition we had around 1500 visitors.

Glimpses@Dadar September 2010

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