Glimpses@Dombivali February 2010

The Glimpses@Dombivali exhibition was held at the Babasaheb Ambedkar Sabhagruh, near the station. We had realised that there were many fantastic photographers who were doing great work but either didn’t have the resources or the body of work, to hold their own exhibitors. SO from this exhibition onwards, we decided to invite 2-3 photographers and give them a platform. In this on, Parag Damle and Krishnan agreed to participate.


Ace nature photographer, Sachin Rai, agreed to hold a photography session which was well attended. Swapneelkore also took a workshop on photography



The glimpses@Dombivali was very successful with more than 6000 visitors. I must really appreciate the residents of Dombivali region for their unparalleled passion about all things related to art. This could not have been a resounding success without their innate appreciation and interest in all forms of art and future.


This exhibition was surreal because towards the end of the last day, we had a crowd of people waiting to get into the exhibition . There was a line of visitors stretching from the first floor hall all the way down one storey and upto the road.



I once again thanks and appreciate the Dombivalikars for their passion and interest.


Glimpses@Dombivali February 2010

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