Glimpses@Kolhapur October 2011

The second last exhibition underr the “Glimpses of Nature” banner was held in october 2011 in Kolhapur. The last happened back in thane in 2013 where we had a whole floor dedicated to books, eco-tourism companies, SPCA etc.

But Back to Kolhapur….. The residents of Kolhapur are very passionate about photography and art and have a real appreciation for it. It is here that i found out that there is a famous doctor in Kolhapur with the same name as mine and many people came to our exhibition thinking its his exhibition….Needless to say there were some bizarre and hilarious moments.




Shahu Maharaj, the descendant of Shivaji Maharaj, graced us by his visit. We were in trepidation because we had earlier been coached by the protocol officer about do’s and don’s with the Maharaj. But he is such a simple and down to earth man, he soon had us relaxed. That was real nobility. Head bows down in respect automatically.


Glimpses@Kolhapur October 2011

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